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Tonka Construction 2® Hasbro Interactive

Game Description

Take charge of 12 different heavy-duty Tonka trucks and help Tonka Joe build a city, pave desert roads, design a snow-capped mountain resort or dig in a quarry and discover valuable treasures! Best of all you decide what each new construction will look like and if you want to start over again, there are many ways to demolish your site. Help is always available from the friendly Tonka Team members, but the final results are up to you and your imagination.

    Game Features

  • Superior vehicle control – 12 Easy to operate 3D Tonka trucks interact with your environment.
  • Awesome Demolition – Make way for new construction with 4 realistic destruction modes.
  • Activities – Each work site offers up to 30 unique challenges.
  • Customize and personalize your very own Tonka Town!- Create your own buildings– from windows and rooftops, to landscaping – you make it your own!
  • Print your creations – Save your best work and print with pride!

Vipah's Role:

  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Management


  • Windows 95-98®

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