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Vipah Interactive, Inc. has an in-house art department that produces all of the artwork appearing in our products. During development we use both traditional and computer based techniques including:

Traditional Media

  • Storyboarding during the design process
  • Cell animation - each animation cell or motion is hand drawn
  • Clay models - for both prototyping and production modeling
  • Several types of media - pencil, charcoal, ink, oil, water color, and many others
  • Photography - for realistic images and to capture photorealistic textures and effects

Computer Based Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop 4
  • Autodesk Animator Pro
  • Kinetix 3D Studio Max
  • After Effects 3.1
  • Autodesk Animation Studio
  • Macromedia Director 6.5
  • Fractal Painter 3
  • CorelDraw 4
  • Deluxe Paint 2E and Deluxe Animation

Vipah Interactive is determined to provide the highest quality artwork in our products. We have made a significant investment in infrastructure to achieve both productivity and quality.

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