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Welcome to the circus.
Curious George gets to go inside the
circus tent and choose what show to see.
Animals make up the acrobat teams.
Choose the correct animal to perform.
When all of the animals are recruited,
they will perform an amazing show.
The Fun House is a great place to
catch the correct letters to make a word.
You'll fall over laughing at the clowns' jokes.
Choose a story before you enter
the Story Theater.
Thea will read the stories and the actors
will perform many interesting stories.

Vipah's Role:

  • Co-product design
  • All art and animation
  • All software engineering
  • Project Management

Product Status:

Look for it on store shelves for the 1997 holiday season.


  • Windows 3.1®
  • Windows 95®
  • Macintosh®

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