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Curious George Reads, Writes, and Spells
For Grades 1&2

Join Curious George as he embarks on a new adventure as a cub reporter for the local town newspaper!

In one action-packed day, kids encounter a dozen unique activities which they complete in order to help George fulfill his assignments. Kids become part of the story while practicing their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Twelve different episodes focus kids on specific skills.


  • Kids become part of an original Curious George story
  • Offers reading and storytelling practice
  • Helps develop solid spelling strategies
  • Designed for the nation’s leading spelling program
  • Parental controls allows parents to adjust gameplay levels
  • Includes over 40 pages of printouts for practice
  • Kids help write 2 news articles and 30 stories
Curious George becomes a reporter for the local town newspaper Curious George goes to a busy construction site as he tries to catch Lola, the talking parrot
Go to the park with Curious George to help him arrange the flower pots Help pick up the crackers that fell out of Lola's  picnic basket
Help Curious George wash the dishes in the restaurant Help Curious George pick up the right cake in the ice cream factory
Curious George helps get the theater set ready for Thea's performance Famous children's author Wanda Jewel is reading her newest stories in the library

Vipah's Role:

  • Co-product design
  • All art and animation
  • All software engineering
  • Some Project Management

Product Status:

Look for it on store shelves for the 1998 holiday season.


  • Windows 3.1®
  • Windows 95, 98®
  • Macintosh®

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