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Curious George New Adventures Houghton Mifflin Company

Fall 1998 marks the introduction of eight new Curious George Adventures available in three formats, hardcover, paperback, and paperboard.

Fans will enjoy:

Curious George

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Curious George Feeds the Animals

When a cuddly koala takes an interest in George's snack at the zoo, George is happy to share. In fact, George is happy to share with ALL the animals! Following a trail of peanuts, the zookeepers soon catch up with George and discover that this little monkey is good for more than just mischief.

Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

While on vacation, George an the man with the yellow hat stop to see Mr. Rushmore. There's no time to take a helicopter ride for a close-up view - the hot air balloon races are about to start! When he is whisked up and away at the races, a surprised George gets a close-up view of the presidents after all.

Curious George's Dream

After a long day at the amusement park, George is frustrated. It seems he is always too small! But when George falls asleep - and wakes up BIG - he discovers that being large can be difficult, too.

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

When George and the man with the yellow hat stop to shop at a chocolate factory store, George becomes curious about how chocolates are made. Though he begins to follow the factory tour, George is soon off on his own to investigate.

Curious George Goes to a Movie

The movie that George and the man with the yellow hat have been waiting for is now playing! Inside the dark theater, George is curious about the bright light in the back of the room. As usual, George's curiosity gets him into trouble, but his clever tricks save the day.

Curious George Makes Pancakes

Every year George and the man with the yellow hat attend the pancake breakfast to benefit the children's hospital. Always curious, George finds his way to the pancake table and helps out. After making some of the most interesting pancakes the crowd has ever seen, George gets into even more monkey mischief.

Curious George and the Puppies

When George and the man with the yellow hat visit the animal shelter, George is delighted to discover a large litter of puppies. At first, George just wants to hold one. George is curious and soon puppies are everywhere.

Curious George in the Snow

George and the man with the yellow hat enjoy watching the winter sports competition. When they stop to warm up with some cocoa, George's curiousity leads to some wild rides up and down the slopes. It's quite a day at the ski resort as George creates trouble - and maybe a new sport!.

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  • Storyboard
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Curious George

Product Status:

Look for it on store shelves for the 1998 holiday season.

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